Skinny People Logic

People who tell fat people to stop eating are extremely misinformed. Yeah because we never tried that before, and it never made it worse or anything *sarcasm*.

So tired of skinny people thinking that being fat is only a result of eating too much. Most of the time it’s the result of a mental health issue or a medical issue which doesn’t allow food to be processed properly, and the body holds onto fat and carbs. Not eating makes that 100 times worse. How I got to 400 pounds.

Also, healthy food is expensive. You see people on welfare who are fat because all they get is 100 dollars a month outside of rent, and what the hell kind of healthy food can you buy for 100 bucks that will last an entire month? Maybe if you wanna eat a salad a day. And then they won’t be very productive because their body is super lacking in nutrient, making them extremely tired and makes it hard to find a job etc.

Actually, skinny people who think this is a part of a much bigger issue. People who don’t believe any other experience other than their own is extremely destructive.


Why we’re really angry. TW: Rape, abuse, harassment, sexism, gender roles

I dont get angry because you accidentally misgender me  

I get angry when you refuse to try  

I get angry when I’m told that my genitals dictate my life  

I get angry that even though I have a vagina and boobs, but look like a man, I still get kicked out of the women’s washroom  

I get angry that my safety and basic human rights is of no concern to you  

I get angry when you tell me that I’m a girl and there’s nothing that I can do about it  

I get angry when I get messages online telling me that I’m ugly and that I should kill myself  

Why should my appearance dictate my right to live?  

Or my right to love  

Or my right to walk down the sidewalk without getting harassed 

Yeah, ugly people get harassed too  

Or my right to change my mind if I no longer wish to be intimate  

I get angry when I am manipulated into sex, and physically abused if I try to get away  

I get angry that noone believed the sexual abuse that was done to me, because in their eyes, I am ugly 

I got angry that you tried to “fuck the man” out of me  

I get angry when beauty ads told me that I don’t have a girl body, and therefore must find a way to conform  

How?! I get angry that you don’t seem to understand there is no one “girl body” or one “boy body”  

I couldn’t pass as a cis woman if I tried  

I get angry when you pretend to be okay with my masculinity  

Then after you get the sex, you tell me that I’m “just too butch for you”  

I get angry when you say that I have to understand that it will take a while for the world to accept my gender  

What the FUCK does me wanting to be treated like a decent human being have to do with my gender?  

What the FUCK does me wanting the right to use the washroom safely need to have anything to do with my gender?  

What the FUCK does my gender have to do with being told that I can only work, wear and have interests in those assigned to my gender file?  

What the FUCK does it MATTER that I don’t look like everybody else?  

This world be a boring world if everyone looked similar, and we all have something to offer  

I get angry when you assume that I eat alot and am lazy, that no possible medical condition could have caused this 

I get angry when even doctors don’t take me seriously 

I get angry when I ask you not to comment on my body or weight unless asked, but you lecture me anyways  

I get angry when you think your opinion is above mine  

I get angry when you think that what applies to one, applies to all  

I get angry when you think I am angry over being accidentally misgendered, but really I’m remembering the day that I got beat up by a group of guys, and was suspended because I “didn’t try hard enough to conform” 

I get angry when you think I’m overeacting to basic rights being violated, as I watch people like me being abused and killed every day 

I get angry when you don’t take me seriously 

That I am afraid 

I am angry that you think that I am somehow making all of this up for attention 

I would give anything to not be disabled, and not be confused about my body 

I don’t get angry because you accidentally misgender me  

I get angry when you refuse to try  

I don’t believe gender is real at all  

But I still respect your identity  

So please respect mine 

I get angry, when I am expected to take everything in silence 


Honestly the way people influence my emotions is way too intense. I dislike it. I’m supposed to be the Empathic Witxh, who can influence other peoples emotions. But then I remember that I am still a very sensitive Empath, who must take care of themself first, before I can even begin to help others.

Why do people seem to get off by causing pain to others? Is power validating or something?



Gender expression in modern society… To be Continued…

The gender binary is present in many religiously controlled societies. Gender roles are used as a means to control society and the media. It also a tool used in promoting products or film. This type of marketing is more successful if targeted to one type of person or people who fit into a category.
Feminine expression is often tagged for AFABs (assigned female at birth). Masculinity is often tagged for AMABs (assigned male at birth). If an AFAB shows masculine expression or a AMAB shows feminine expressions, they are often bullied, abused and oppressed within a community, school or workplace. It is becoming more accepted and common place for AFABs to express themselves in masculine fashion, and even more dangerous for AMABs to express themselves using feminine expressions. This is because masculinity is seen as the default in society, and femininity is viewed as weak and for submissive persons.
Masculine individuals are viewed as aggressive, easily angered people. AMABs are raised from birth to not show any emotions except anger. Because of this, AMABs often feel the need to protect their masculine expression through violence and control of feminine people. This is called toxic masculinity.