Skinny People Logic

People who tell fat people to stop eating are extremely misinformed. Yeah because we never tried that before, and it never made it worse or anything *sarcasm*.

So tired of skinny people thinking that being fat is only a result of eating too much. Most of the time it’s the result of a mental health issue or a medical issue which doesn’t allow food to be processed properly, and the body holds onto fat and carbs. Not eating makes that 100 times worse. How I got to 400 pounds.

Also, healthy food is expensive. You see people on welfare who are fat because all they get is 100 dollars a month outside of rent, and what the hell kind of healthy food can you buy for 100 bucks that will last an entire month? Maybe if you wanna eat a salad a day. And then they won’t be very productive because their body is super lacking in nutrient, making them extremely tired and makes it hard to find a job etc.

Actually, skinny people who think this is a part of a much bigger issue. People who don’t believe any other experience other than their own is extremely destructive.


Author: therattiewitxh

I am an Empathic Earth Elemental Eclectic Druid Witch. I am Genderqueer, They/Them pronouns. I'm an activist; I consider myself a warrior committed to protecting my community and my earth. I love animals, music, swimming, yoga, Sci-fi/Fantasy/Supernatural (Cosplayer, LARPER and Roleplayer), gaming, and socializing. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, which is basically like having intense emotions nonstop, and because of this I often need alone time to recharge. I am physically disabled and this makes it difficult to enjoy the things I love, but I am a path to become healthy. I recently came out of a very long depression that lasted since I was in my preteens. I will probably blog about all of this, but mostly my activism.

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